Mayo adventures

It is after 10pm, my family sleep soundly, as I meander the corridors of the hotel and slip out into the cool Co Mayo air, to the warm inviting atmosphere of Matt Molloys pub in the heart of Westport.

From the back of the pub, stomping feet accompany the sound of singing Irish fiddles and whistles.

I have been here many times, but tonight with the cold wind and snow falling it somehow feels more special.

County Mayo on the West coast of Ireland, is amongst the most beautiful Irish counties. So despite this being a family holiday, I tell myself that I can be forgiven for sneaking in some photography, as I follow the meandering road from Westport to the beach at Mulranny.

Standing under a crescent moon, waiting for dawn, the cool February air tickles my skin. It is mornings like these that make me glad I was bitten by the photography bug.