Return To Connemara


By moonlight, our intrepid photo group departs the Anglers Return and slips into the early morning Connemara darkness. A short journey across the old bumpy bog road and the first call of the Cuckoo greets us. Standing by a bog lake, the chilly morning air is punctured by the sound of camera shutters, talk of F-Stops and shutter speeds.

A short while later, sweeping vistas are swapped for the intimate details of a tranquil Roundstone harbour. Colourful boats and dancing reflections attract the photographer’s eye, and before the locals rise, we are gone and on our way.

With evening closing in, the promised weather front bringing wind and rain arrives. Despite the weather Connemara remains beautiful.

After dinner, we return to the Anglers Return. As guests slowly retire, I'm left in silence with the sound of a crackling fire for company.

Fireplace at the Anglers Return Connemara